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The lawyers and staff at Craig, Deachman & Amann have well over a century of combined experience and proven success in the areas of business, corporate, litigation, bankruptcy and real estate law. We have the skill sets, tenacious attitude and in-depth knowledge to expertly handle matters ranging from residential and commercial closings to multi-state and complex litigation. We offer estate planning and trust administration through our Legacy Trust and Wills Division as well.

Any time of change can be a time of stress, and transitions involving finances and property are no exception. Creating an estate plan for the future, buying or selling a home, or navigating challenging financial circumstances through foreclosure or bankruptcy are life changes that can seem complicated or overwhelming at first. But our lawyers at Craig, Deachman & Amann, PLLC, can provide the tools, experience and knowledge to help you through these difficult times to find a workable resolution.

Legal Solutions For All Types Of People

HomeAt Craig, Deachman & Amann, PLLC, we don't just cater to the wealthy. We provide legal tools and strategies for people from a range of means to help them meet their challenges and goals. Estate planning, in particular, is something that people may put off or think doesn't apply to them. But whether your "estate" includes a yacht and a personal jet or a ranch house and a used car, everyone can benefit from having a plan in place to distribute assets in the future, avoiding probate and potential family disagreements. Our firm provides comprehensive estate planning services in partnership with our specialized practice, Legacy Trust & Wills.

Supporting Business, Solving Disputes

When the entrepreneurial spirit encounters real-life obstacles involving partnership disputes, commercial real estate, zoning limitations or related business issues, our experienced and multifaceted attorneys can help. We understand that the future health of your company depends on the decisions you make today. Headquartered in Manchester, our experienced business law attorneys can point you in the right direction, whether your situation requires a transactional approach or litigation.

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Our full-service law firm has two offices, one in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire and the other in North Andover, Massachusetts. Email us or call us at 603-347-8149.