Serving The Needs Of Creditors In Bankruptcy

There are many types of businesses for which extending credit to their customers is a normal part of the business. This can often allow normally operating businesses to make purchases of supplies and materials that are necessary to complete a project so that they can collect from their own clients and pay their debts to you.

The downside of this arrangement is, of course, when businesses are experiencing difficulty with their cash flow. You may not be aware of those difficulties and continue to extend credit after it is no longer a secure choice to make.

Pursuing What You Are Owed in Bankruptcy

If you find yourself in this situation, it can be very difficult to collect on your debts. Those customers may choose to pursue the protection of bankruptcy to keep you and other creditors from coming after what little assets they have left.

During the bankruptcy process, all creditors come to the table to fight to have their debts paid off. There is never enough for every creditor to get what they deserve. When you are facing such a situation, the smartest choice is to have a strong advocate who knows the bankruptcy process well who can fight for you to secure the most substantial available return.

More Than A Century Of Combined Experience You Can Rely On

At Craig, Deachman & Associates PLLC, our firm has more than 100 years of combined experience protecting our clients' best interests through the most complex financial transitions. Over the decades we have been practicing bankruptcy law, we have developed a deep knowledge of the process and experience working with bankruptcy trustees. Let us help you craft a strategy that can examine all possible means of recovering the funds you are owed when a debtor has gone into bankruptcy.

Attorneys Representing Creditors In Bankruptcy In Manchester And New Hampshire

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