Trust Funding

It doesn't do any good to have a trust if you neglect to fund it. While creating a trust is a crucial first step toward savvy estate planning, you also need to make sure that you transfer assets to that trust. At Craig, Deachman & Associates PLLC, we don't just print out a form and send you away with homework. Instead, once you sign your trust documents, we do the work of funding your trust together, so once you walk out the door, you're truly finished with the process. Our firm doesn't leave important details to chance. To set up your appointment with one of our thorough and attentive estate planning lawyers, call us at 603-374-7323 or toll free at 844-400-3796, or fill out our contact form. You may also contact our dedicated estate planning firm, Legacy Trust & Wills.

What Goes Into A Trust?

The way to avoid probate court is to not own anything on the day you die. That means that in order for a trust to work, you have to put things into that trust while you're still alive. But what goes into a trust? The answer is anything that has a title, which can include your:

  • Home
  • Car
  • Boats
  • Bank account
  • Small business

When you put these things into a revocable trust, you pass ownership from yourself to the trust. When you die, the trust then releases the assets to the designated trustees, thus allowing you and your family to avoid probate court and all its attendant hassles and stresses.

Protecting Your Assets And Your Heirs

It might seem odd to think that at the end of your life, you don't own all the things that you worked so hard for. But as a stipulation of funding a trust, you have the right to, for example, live in your home or drive your car until you die. While you no longer own the assets that are in the trust, those things remain legally in your possession until the end of your life.

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Making one call is the first step toward achieving peace of mind about the people and things you will leave behind. Contact an attorney at our Manchester, New Hampshire, or Andover, Massachusetts, office by using the email form, or by calling us at 603-374-7323 (toll free at 844-400-3796).