Wills vs. Trusts

Should you get a will, or should you get a trust? Many people automatically assume they should get a will because they associate the word "trust" with wealth and privilege. But anybody can get a trust; it doesn't matter how much money you have. Furthermore, there are several reasons why people of more modest means would benefit from arranging for a trust instead of a will. Our seasoned estate planning lawyers at Craig, Deachman & Associates PLLC, can help you decide which would be best for you. Our boutique estate planning firm, Legacy Trust & Wills, can also provide detailed and individualized counsel. Call us at 603-374-7323 or toll free at 844-400-3796, or contact us via email to discuss in detail which estate planning tools might better serve your needs.

Planning Ahead In New Hampshire

There are certain key differences regarding wills versus trusts that we can discuss in detail during your free initial consultation.

  • Wills. A will serves as the primary document in the probate process, during which a probate officer will assess your estate, pay any outstanding bills, and then distribute the remaining funds to your designated heirs. The process of going through probate can be lengthy and expensive, as heirs have to submit every request related to the will to probate court. This process can be frustrating, and trigger additional lawsuits among heirs and creditors.
  • Trusts. Trusts provide a way for people to allocate money and assets in a way that bypasses the probate system altogether. This happens when people shift ownership of assets and other property to a trust. When that person/those people die, the assets in the trust then pass to a trustee. Trusts, however, are not something that can be set up after the fact-- they must be planned for while the estate holder is still alive.

Our experienced Manchester estate planning attorneys can further discuss the benefits of trust versus will at your initial consultation or beyond. We are committed to working with every client to match an estate plan to his or her specific needs. Unlike many attorneys, we also stay involved after crafting your initial plan. We keep in touch via yearly newsletter, and follow up every five to seven years to make sure your estate plan still reflects what you want.

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