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Protecting Our Clients’ Best Interests Our experience allows us to offer highly effective guidance and advocacy to business owners, creditors and lenders as they face substantial financial transitions and other legal issues.

Our Services

We have built our practice around key areas of law that allow us to protect our clients' financial well-being. These include:


    Businesses need a place to operate. Every one of the business owners we represent has to deal with real estate in one way or another. Whether it’s a commercial lease, a purchase or new construction, CDA offers the practical and timely advice business owners and executives need to make decisions. And for some of our clients, real estate is not simply a part of their business, real estate is their business. Developers, landlords, lenders and government agencies all rely on CDA for legal advice related to real estate.


    For business owners and executives, success can be shaped to a great degree by how they approach opportunities and respond to disruptions. Our firm has been providing the support business owners and executives need for decades.

    Businesses routinely face legal issues that may impact their future. A timely, practical and accurate legal analysis can help decide the best response.

    Businesses of all sizes, throughout New Hampshire and the region rely on CDA for that analysis.


    Whether you are a creditor or lender seeking to protect your interests in the bankruptcy process, Craig, Deachman & Associates PLLC, has the decades of experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

    Our firm provides for the needs of:

    • Creditors – Did your business provide credit to a client or customer? Have they declared bankruptcy? We can help you fight for your fair share of available funds. There may be a number of sources that you can recover funds from such as their insurance company or possibly through mortgage insurance.
    • Lenders – For lenders facing the possibility of trying to recover debt through the bankruptcy process, it pays to have experienced counsel who can take on your account and offer the comprehensive and highly effective help you need pursuing the maximum recovery of funds.

    Tough times can affect anyone and from all walks of life. A medical emergency or loss of employment can cause the bills to go unpaid and debts to accumulate.

    Craig, Deachman & Associates is proud to help the families of New Hampshire solve their financial challenges. We have been working through these problems with clients for decades. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised to learn about the many options available to them under the law. They learn that bankruptcy, far from being the end, provides people with a fresh start. learn more...


    Estate planning should be thought of as creating a plan for the many possible issues that can arise in the future. An effective estate plan can be so much more than a will. It can take care of issues that will directly affect you and your loved ones while you are still alive, if that is what you want your estate plan to do.

    Your estate plan should include:

    • Will
    • Trust
    • Power of Attorney
    • Health Care Proxy
    • Living Will
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Our Attorneys

Over the years we have been serving our clients' needs, we have built a reputation for delivering the results they need in even the most complex situations. Let us continue to build that reputation by providing you with the same quality service that helped build that reputation.

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